Sunday, May 29, 2011

Workshop Painting #2

This is the second painting I did in Zhaoming Wu's workshop. No, you didn't miss the first one. It is not fit to see the light of day.
We were told to bring five canvases, one for each day of the workshop, and, depending on the lecture, we had 1/2 a day to a full day to work on a pose. Most important was to get the gesture correct. If not, the painting had no chance of success. I feel I captured the model's gesture, thanks to many weeks of gestural life drawing classes. Which, I must add, was time and money well spent.
You can see much of the underpainting still showing through. The combination of too much medium and a slippery oil primed canvas made painting quite a challenge. Because time was of the essence, the medium did not dry enough to keep the painting from getting a bit muddy. One lesson learned, use less medium on an oil primed canvas!
Over all, I was very pleased with how the painting came out and determined to do better on the next one. Stay tuned. I think you will agree that much progress was made on the ones that follow.
11"x14", oil, not for sale
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