Saturday, February 20, 2016

Clearing the Clutter

There is a lot to be said for clearing out clutter. What is clutter? Clutter is often unmade decisions... unanswered where should this go? I still want/need that?...could someone else get more use out of it? Passing things along that one no longer uses makes space for moving forward. It also brings a new energy, not only to you, but to your space.

How do I know? Because I've done it. I had a space I hadn't used in years. It was my former pottery studio. An injury led to my having to quit making pottery and deciding what to do with everything was, well, depressing and overwhelming. The building sat idle for years, gathering dust and mud dabber nests. I was outgrowing the bedroom I had converted into an art studio and the solution was just outside the backdoor.

Late last fall my husband and I took a deep breath and began the task of clearing and cleaning out the building. We sold some equipment, donated items, threw some away and organized what we wanted to keep. Once that was done, we cleaned the building from top to bottom, while discussing what changes needed to be made to convert it into an art studio. We added insulation, paneling, lighting, and a new sink. Once it was painted, it was time for more practical shelving and climate control. By the middle of January, my husband, who was the designer, builder, plumber and contractor, handed me the key. (Yes, I DO know how blessed I am!)

A force was set in motion the day we determined to clear out that space. With the clutter gone and things clean and organized, I felt my creativity begin to expand. An added benefit is that it spilled over to my husband, too! It began with making a decision not to hang on to things no longer needed and made room for untold possibilities.