Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Drawing Class Sketch #4

This sketch is from our third session in Charcoal Drawing Class. Again, we were allowed only 20 minutes.  A benefit of being timed is that it helps train the eye to see what is essential in conveying the essence of a subject. With practice, good instruction and really learning to see, we will be able to render a subject more and more accurately. So, speed is really not the objective but rather one of the means to a desired end. For example, an area that speed would be very beneficial is in plein air painting. Since the sun does not stand still, it is essential to work quickly to capture a fleeting moment in time. All exercises in art help in every medium. None of it is wasted time because it all works together.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I have never liked to draw. I can no longer make that claim. I am beginning to enjoy charcoal very much and intend to keep at it once this class has ended. I have never been particularly fond of strong color and these subtle tones really appeal to me.

I have a couple more drawings to share from this particular session. Since I also have more to say, I should save it for posting in the next day or two.
This landscape is about 6"x8".

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