Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Honor of Being an Artist!

Though my blog seems idle it is not the case "behind the scenes".
I don't know that I have ever been as inspired to paint a subject as I am about this particular one. Once I've painted something/someone I usually move on to another subject. I have not been able to do that this time. You may recall my painting of Juan. Well, he graciously agreed to let me take more photos and take them I did! I got many good shots, several that I'm extremely happy with, and am now ready to try to capture not only his image but all that he evokes on canvas. You artists know very well what I am trying to say and yet am failing miserably to get across. I hope I will be able to put on canvas what I am unable to put into words so that you may be able to "see" what is inspiring me so! I WILL do it if it takes the rest of my life! How fantastic, this honor of being an artist!!!