Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wasted Time

Would've, could've, should've. All past tense. All unchangeable. Wasted time on regrets. Self-flogging, berating, belittling oneself on what one could've, should've would've done if ____, fill in the blank. If the assessment leads to an improvement in behavior, that is a good thing. If it leads to a perpetual, condemning black cloud overhead, it has caused paralysis. What if, instead of condemnation, one declared, “ I have done what I could with what I had/knew/believed at the time”? What if you forgave yourself as you would forgive a small child who was just learning? Aren't we all still just learning? Always learning? Forever learning?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Double Rainbows

Double Rainbow,  Northern Arizona

Normally, my blog is reserved for posts about art. This morning's post will be different. Sometimes I just have to write and this morning is one of those times. 

This has been a year that I cannot yet summarize. It has at once been fantastic and sad. There have been so many deaths, so many dire diagnoses but, I cannot help but notice that this year has been a year of double rainbows. 
Everywhere I have gone, from New Mexico to Arizona and back to Texas, there have been double rainbows. All the more poignant because they have been in the desert Southwest. People have been posting double rainbows photos from everywhere! Every time I see one, I feel it is the reassurance that everything is under control, in spite of how it looks on the outside, and that everything will be all right.
 Life, situations, events, everything is in a constant state of flux. Noticing the beauty in every fleeting moment keep things in perspective and keeps us on balance. 
 I wish you all double rainbows.