Saturday, November 6, 2010

Drawing Class

I recently enrolled in a charcoal drawing class, my first drawing class ever! I have never particularly cared to draw with anything other than a brush. The hard feel of a pencil on paper just left, leaves, me cold. But charcoal is different. It isn't hard like a pencil and it much easier to manipulate. One could even say it almost flows. I think I could settle into doing a lot of charcoal drawings for a while. It may be the transition to pastels that I have been wanting to try forever! But, for now, I am going to enjoy charcoal. This is the first drawing of my six week class. We had only 20 minutes. As you can see, I was just starting to darken the shadow side, beginning with the eye, when the time ran out. I didn't want to try to finish from memory so it is what it is. Nevertheless, I am encouraged.
9"x 12", charcoal sketch
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