Monday, January 25, 2010

Extending the Drying Time of your Oils

Sorry about the original post. I changed the color of the font so it would look better on the blog but it was too light for those of you who follow via email. Here is the post again. Hopefully, this will be better.
A friend recently asked about a tip I shared in a workshop we both attended. As I was answering her, it occurred to me that it might be something you would be interested in as well so, here you go:
I kept coming across articles saying that clove oil added to your (oil) paint puddles would retard their drying. But, I was also reading that some people were noticing brown spots showing up in their paintings long after they were completed. I suspect the brown spots were caused from the oxidation of clove particles in the oil but I can't be sure. Not wanting to add clove oil TO my paint,  I experimented with adding it to a cotton ball, an eye dropper full or two will do, and closing it up in my French companion when finished painting. Even though a French companion isn't air tight, it worked! All I can assume is that the clove oil fumes are good enough! I have since tried it in my small pochade, which is more air tight that the FC, and the paints stayed wet well over a month!
*Clove oil WILL burn any sensitive areas, eyes, nose, etc., and some people are very sensitive to it merely touching their skin so be careful!!!  Also, it will remove paint and will melt plastic so be careful where you put it on your palette. (Don't let this overly alarm you. Many essential oils are volatile enough to do this. Just be aware of what could happen and use it with caution). I always use a glass palette so it's not an issue for me. But don't let your brushes touch it or it will take the paint off of the handle anywhere it comes into contact.
One last thing, it will also retard drying ON your canvas. I guess you could use something like Liquin if you wanted it to dry faster on your canvas but that's the addition of too many chemicals for me to feel comfortable.
If you have found this tip useful, I would love to hear from you.
Happy Painting,

Dinner with the Arts

One of the honors the New Braunfels Art League  bestows on their Artists of the Month is a ticket to Dinner with the Arts, sponsored by the Greater New Braunfels Arts Council . This gala event was held last night and was a night to remember! How wonderful to spend the evening enjoying art, poetry, singing, etc. in the company of fellow artists. Such things make it seem that all is right with the world!