Saturday, November 19, 2016

Degas: A New Vision, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

What a treat to see the Degas Exhibit at MFAH, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. I must admit to having had Degas in a mental box entitled "Pastel Ballerinas". I knew he did a few oils and a sculpture or two, but WOW!  The following photos were taken with my iPhone, so please excuse the glare and reflections.

Self-portrait in a a Soft Hat, Oil on paper mounted on canvas

The Dance Class, Oil on canvas (cropped) 

Woman Seated on the Edge of a Bath Sponging Her Neck, Oil and essence on paper on canvas

I love the beautiful pink bow and ballet slippers.

Portrait of a Young Woman, Oil on canvas
Dancer Stretching, Pastel on pale blue-gray laid paper
(Sorry about the crooked photo)

Group of Dancers (Red Skirts), Pastel
The titles of many of his paintings indicate that he painted those subjects so often that specific names became quite a challenge. What a prolific and masterful artist! I now have an even greater respect for Edgar Degas. 
More to come...