Thursday, March 28, 2013

High Noon in Sisterdale

This is a plein air piece done at high noon in Sisterdale, Texas.  I had done a painting earlier that morning down on the river. What a drastic change from the cool blues in the shade to the bright white-yellow of the sunny field and barns. I perched on the trunk of my car and captured it as quickly as I could. The sun and haze were almost blinding but I couldn't help but be drawn to the beauty of this setting. The foreground looked a little like cotton but was actually thistles which had gone to seed. In spite of being an invasive and unwelcome weed, it would be hard to deny that they were also beautiful, both in bloom and when gone to seed. 

"High Noon in Sisterdale"


Virginia Floyd said...

I love this, Gaye. If you ever need a painting buddy, I'd love to go with you.

Gaye Sekula said...

Thank you, Virginia. It would be a lot of fun to paint with you.